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In the middle of Asia, between the Far East and Europe, not too far from the capital Ulaan-Baatar, we are planning a place of healing and multi-cultural encounter. In this centre, we intend to further the medical, cultural, and inter-personal exchanges between East and West. Apart from education and courses, we will offer treatments in Traditional Medicine as well as other holistic therapies.

“Holistic Healing" in the medical-therapeutic sense

Physicians and Healers from the Mongolian side will provide courses in Traditional Medicine for specialists, i.e., Physicians and Healers, and others active and interested in this field, as well as courses in Traditional Mongolian Massage.

1. Mongolian Nomadic Therapy: balneotherapy, medicinal herbal treatment,
bone-setting and bone treatment, manual therapy

2. Traditional Mongolian Medicine: pulse-diagnosis, acupressure,
acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, blood-letting, urinalisis

3. Traditional Chinese Medicine: pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, moxibustion

4. Traditional Mongolian/ Tibetan Medicine in close connection with
Buddhist Philosophy: Meditation. Treatment of the so-called “karma-
conditioned illnesses”

5. Traditional Mongolian vessel-massage and meridians oil-massage

A Mongolian physician practising in Germany, two physicians from the Department of Traditional Medicine of the Medical University in Ulaan-Baatar, a Medical Lama, a Shaman Healer, and the manager of a massage school have already confirmed their collaboration.

Western specialists will pass on relevant discoveries and insights in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy in theory and practice. The two most effective methods of therapy that are spreading rapidly all over the world are

1. Systems Psychotherapy: positioning within the family

2. Energy Psychotherapy: TFT (Thought Field Therapy), and EFT (Emotional
Freedom Technique

However, we are not planning courses for specialists only, but also advice as well as medical and other therapeutic treatments and counselling in personal emergencies for Mongols and visitors from abroad.

For foreign guests visiting Mongolia for studies or treatments, we shall furthermore provide travels:

“Healing excursions” to so-called “sites of power”

“Meeting between East and West” in the cultural sense:

For Mongols as well as foreigners living in Mongolia we plan to provide singing and instrumental courses both in the Western and the traditional Mongolian style, and also painting courses.

The healing power of music and painting, or art in the wider sense, need not be pointed out any longer. We already have contacts with musicians of the Music Academy and the Opera, as well as with painters of the Mongolian Artists’ Union, who are prepared to collaborate.










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